Kazan Trade Fair
Orenburg path, 8
+7 (843) 258-31-70
Interactive dramatized showground of Khan’s Kazan handicraft settlement


Baisa from the china word «paizzha» denotes small board, plate. An analog of the credentials was given by Khan administration and provided a safe journey through the territory Chingizids’s states. There is an inscription on Baisa of Giyasaddin Mohamed Uzbek Khan (1313-1341): «By the dictation of the eternal heaven. Uzbek Khan’s decree. A person who doesn’t submit is a guilty and should die».

Bibars Saray Tales
Замечательнейшее место!)) Очень понравилось!)
Елена Скворцова
Елена Скворцова
Чудейснешее место!)) Нам очень понравилось!)
Рушания Урмеева
Рушания Урмеева
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