Kazan Trade Fair
Orenburg path, 8
+7 (843) 258-31-70
Interactive dramatized showground of Khan’s Kazan handicraft settlement

Theatrical programme

Theatrical programme
on the central stage of «BibarsSaray»

Beginning — 11.00
Ending — 18.00

12.30 — 13.30 “Thelifting of the Khan on the felt rug» stage act
Part 1. The entrance to the quarter of Queen Soyembikethe, the return to the quarter ofBibarsbey
Part 2. The entrance ofSultan, the heir to the throne,the lifting of the Khan on the felt rug, the Khan gives a yarlyk toBibarsbey to rule the BibarsSaray
14.00 — 14.30 «Celebration in honour of the Khan» stage act
Part 1. The demonstration of traditional crafts
Part 2. Sabantuy. National wrestling
15.00 — 15.40 “The Khan is out to the City” stage act
Part 1. The Khan is walking around the city
Part 2. The stadium
The Khan and his suiteareat the stadium (the demonstration of shooting skills, the Khan and his suite give lessons of shooting)
15.00 — 15.40 «Music box» stage act
Live music using the traditional musical instruments (kurai, kubyz, dumbra, surnay, def etc.)is played on the stage
15.15 — 16.00 Act in the city.NasreddinHodja conducts an interactive entertainment programmeon the central stage
15.40 — 15.50 «The Return of the Khan to Kazan» stage act
15.50. — 16.00 «Mukhamedyar and Soyembike bid their farewell to the guests of“BibarsSaray” quarter” stage act

Замечательнейшее место!)) Очень понравилось!)
Елена Скворцова
Елена Скворцова
Была обычная суббота и заняться особо было нечем. Впереди маячили перспективы кинотеатра, дачи, или праздного бесцельного шатания по одному и торговых центров. Возможно, так бы суббота и прошла, если ...
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